From the Pastor’s Desk A Salute to Mothers

Of all the vocations that are important and necessary for human beings to live truly human lives, I believe that motherhood is at the top. Like most worthwhile endeavors, it is done with sacrifice and pain. The nurturing that a woman gives as the baby begins to develop within her own body has a great impact on her very person. After the inconvenience and discomfort of pregnancy and the pain of giving birth, it is the mother who is the main giver of nutrition, love, care and character formation of the child during the early formative years and throughout life. Her self-sacrificing love is usually provided to her children far into adulthood, in many cases taken for granted by her children and society in general. Mother’s Day is a reminder to be thankful to the women who have answered God’s call to give life. Thank you, mothers!

-Fr. Umberg