As believers in Christ, we are called to recognize that all we are and all we have are gifts from God, and to share those gifts in justice and love with others.


2017 Stewardship Letter:

Dear Parishioners,

St. Vivian Parish has a rich heritage and an important future. We will continue to maintain our identity. Our first year in a Pastoral Region has made both our parish and our sister parish stronger. When appropriate, our parishes collaborate and share programs. The Vacation Bible School in the summer, and our expanded Youth Ministries are examples of this.

While part of a Pastoral Region and sharing some expenses, each parish keeps her finances separate. Contributions to St. Vivian go into St. Vivian accounts and stay in our parish. Our goal is to maintain a neighborhood Catholic presence in the neighborhoods along Winton Road. With God’s Grace we are striving to grow in faith and to be a witness of our Catholic faith to others.

St. Vivian parishioners have always been very supportive of their parish. This support clearly continued this past year as we entered into a Pastoral Region with our sister parish. As Pastor of both parishes, I am grateful for your help and support.

St. Vivian practices an active and thoughtful approach toward stewardship. Parishioners are asked to prayerfully pledge their financial support for the parish during the coming year. This allows our financial committee and myself to better plan a budget and our priorities for the coming year.

Thank you for your past support. As we plan for this future, please prayerfully consider making a pledge to your parish for this coming year. Included with this note is your Covenant Letter by which you can indicate your commitment of time, talent, prayer, and treasure to the future of our parish. Please be as generous as you can. Please return your Covenant Letter at Mass on our Covenant weekend, November 5th and 6th, 2016.

Again, thank you for your time, talent, prayer, and treasure in support of St. Vivian Parish.


Fr. Jerry Hiland, Pastor

Covenant Letter 2017
Covenant Letter 2016