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  • From the Pastor’s Desk: Consecration Bells at St. Vivian October 13, 2023 -

    Since I have been Pastor at St. Vivian, I have made some small changes in the way we celebrate the Eucharistic Liturgy (as I have at several other of the churches of our family). In the near future, I plan to re-introduce the ringing of bells during the first half of the Eucharistic Prayer.

    The Roman

  • Scam Alert September 29, 2023 -
  • Beacons of Light Update From Father Umberg September 15, 2023 -
    Transcript from Recorded Message 9/10/2023

    Greetings, Parishioners of our Lady of Divine Providence family of parishes!

    It has been good to meet you over these past 14 months that I’ve been here. I’ve met many wonderful, faith-filled people! I thank you for your kindness, hospitality, greeting and welcoming me, and for your patience Read more...



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