From the Pastor’s Desk: Director of Administration Appointed for Our Lady of Divine Providence Family of Parishes

I have appointed Ms. Kathy Rothschild to be the Director of Administration for the six parishes of the Our Lady of Divine Providence family of parishes. Kathy is a Certified Public Accountant who has been heavily involved in administration as the Business Manager of St. Vivian parish for 24 years, and of St. Bartholomew for about 8 years. She has also been administering the shared expenses of our family of parishes since my arrival last July. These shared expenses are multiplying as various employees are transferred or hired to serve all six parishes. I am grateful for Kathy’s willingness to take on these new responsibilities. While this appointment is effective July 1, 2023, Kathy will remain Business Manager for St. Vivian and St. Bartholomew, and the business managers of the other parishes will continue their current responsibilities until the legal merger of the six parishes (probably about four years from now). For now, Kathy will be working with the other business managers, gradually familiarizing herself with their current accounts and procedures.

As the pastors of the Archdiocese carry out the Beacons of Light ministerial planning process, we have been asked to appoint certain staff members to function as a leadership team with the pastors. This leadership team will meet regularly and give advice and assistance to the pastor in the day to day affairs of the parish. While the pastor will remain at the top of the flow chart for each parish, members of this team will also supervise staff and volunteers at all parishes of the family within their field of responsibility. The other director roles which pastors are asked to appoint are: Evangelization, Worship, and “Love in Action” (charitable service and working for justice and peace). 

-Fr. Umberg