From the Pastor’s Desk – Getting Settled

As of this writing, I have been here, living at Assumption, as Pastor of the S-7 Family of Parishes, for almost three weeks. I am still getting settled in. So many boxes, so many totes, so many decisions, and so much dust! The chaos is lessening with each new day.

However, the learning has not lessened! I had my third weekend of introductions and receptions this past weekend at St. Bartholomew’s. As you may know, have already done this at Assumption and St. Vivian’s. Fr. Ron and I will each celebrate weekend Masses at St. Clare for the first time in August, along with welcome receptions. I am very grateful to Fr. George Jacquemin, our part-time Vicar, who has been Pastor of St. Clare for 26 years! His work in continuing the sacraments and day to day pastoral administration of St. Clare Parish has allowed me to ease into the waters of the S-7 Family (although I feel like I have already jumped into an ocean and am in over my head!).

As for St. Bernard and Mother of Christ Parishes, I have not yet begun to meet staff members and parishioners. I am grateful for Sr. Margie Niemer’s direction of the of the day-to-day operations of these parishes, and for Fr. Bob Thesing’s sacramental work there. I hope to visit these parishes sometime in August (Being overwhelmed, I had to postpone my meet and greet event there.).

This week and next week, we are having retreat days for the staffs of the four parishes “on the hill”. I will be doing something like this for St. Bernard and Mother of Christ staffs in August or September.

Meanwhile, it is learn new names, faces, doors, and keys! Thank you for your hospitality and your patience! Please continue to pray for me.

-Fr. Umberg